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Christmas Gifts from Dacco. XD
chantrea_johari wrote in dacco_fans
I'm a bit late on the posting about this, but I just recently got my scanner over to Japan and so I was finally able to update about it. My girlfriend and I were lucky (or unfortunate) enough to have been able to go to the Christmas Eve live last year and we got some fun gifts (not including the fried chicken YURAsama spewed out onto the audience--yuck!). One of them was a photo, from YURAsama, of which some people (including us) were able to get a signed version of. Unfortunately, the unsigned one is the one that I uploaded. Secondly, as a Christmas gift from Lida, we received a 2008 calendar--pure crack. Lida drew all the art on it, of course.

Hope you all enjoy! XD

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Oh, lucky you!! Thank you for scanning these ^__^ The calendar drawings are so sweet XD

very cool~
(not so much about the fried chicken though)

LOL, we were thankfully far enough away to avoid the chicken, but YURAsama said he could see the little chunks spewing out of his mouth--gross!

That's what he gets for shoving so much chicken in his mouth at once. x.x

Awww, the calander's cute.

And gross.....Yura you're just nasty.... XD

It was both nasty and hilarious, but then, those are adjectives I often use to describe YURAsama. XP


That's Yura in a nutshell.

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