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Lida's Blog 2008/02/26;
marry me?
sithkittie wrote in dacco_fans


Today was a magazine interview for Dacco. We talked about the single. And, according to the weather forcast, they said it would rain around evening, but I showed some spirit and went for a walk. It was my gamble if I'd be back before it rained. And the bet was a wonderful victory! It's spunk.



Prompt Report! Very.

Today (also?) I went to a place we like with Metal and Washoi Gotou. There it was a really sudden notice, but Metal is staring as a personality in an internet radio "Yoshida Metal no konya mo skinhead." The air date is soon, but it's tomorrow, Thursday the 28th, 22:00-23:00! Please check on the top page. You can listen about our 3 person date today and Dacco's new song! Please listen! Ah, today I was having too much fun, and I forgot to take a picture~.


It came out.

Again. I bought this again. Pens. Well, they're the silly ones I worry about. But they're ones I use all the time, so it's fine. It's okay to have a ton of them.


I'll get the others tomorrow probably.


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